How to Select New Rims and Tires for Your Car

How to Select New Rims and Tires for Your Car

Wheels come with the car you purchase, no matter what. But when you reach the point where your rims and tires need to be replaced or you just want a change, there are two important factors you should consider before laying down your cash: performance and appearance. Whether you’re ready for your truck to look as hot as it sounds, or you are interested in performance wheels, you should do some research both online and by physically visiting local wheel shops to find the best fit.


Your wheels and tires can dramatically affect the handling of your vehicle, so it’s important to match your driving preferences and habits with the appropriate setup. For everyday driving, the climate you live in will dictate your needs in tires and wheels. Most tires have an all-weather tread and design to handle wet and dry conditions, but snow tires are a separate type of tire. All-weather tires can handle dry surfaces or wet, with varying degrees of traction depending on the specific tread. Snow tires are an alternative to snow chains on all-weather tires, and they contain a different composition better suited to traction on snow and ice.

But when it comes to performance wheels, your driving habits can become even more important in terms of selecting the right equipment to meet your needs for handling, speed, and overall functionality. Ideal for sports cars, track driving, and other situations that call for increased responsiveness, lighter weight, and better grip, performance wheels and tires offer enhanced performance that goes far beyond the daily commute.


What is your style, and how do you want to show that off with your car’s wheels? Consider this idea when you start searching for new wheels. Rims and tires offer a great opportunity to flash your personal style. A popular tire trend is low-profile tires, which can give cars a race car look as well as the ability to turn corners more quickly. However, unless you frequently zoom around corners or hit the track for a few laps, the performance benefits will be hard to notice. Most drivers select low-profile tires simply for their sleek appearance.

In terms of the appearance aspect of rims, there are a variety of options to choose from, starting with basic finishes of chrome, black, or aluminum and ranging to different shapes, widths, and designs. Two popular wheel styles include wire wheels and spinners. Wire wheels have thin wire spokes, giving your wheels a very different look compared to a factory wheel. Spinners are a specialized hubcap that continues to spin after the car has come to a stop. These wheels were very popular in the mid 2000s, but they have been declining in popularity in recent years

If you’re looking for a unique change for your car or truck, consider getting aftermarket wheels or upgrading your tires for improved performance and/or appearance. Visit a vehicle customization and wheel shop to learn more about enhancing your ride with new wheels and tires, and you may be surprised at the range of great benefits they provide!

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