It is so easy to become attached to the smooth feel of your phone in your hand, the flawless casing of your laptop, the perfect exterior of your new car; sadly, this feeling does not always last very long. In just a short span of time, their exposure to the harsh realities of the environment in which these valued possessions exist becomes evident in their faded coatings and numerous scars.

The resort for owners of these items has been to get a paint job for vehicles and casings for phones and laptops. But a paint job is quite expensive and an inconvenience considering the high recurrence rates of vehicle exterior corrosion. A good paint job could cost upwards of $50000 and a bad one could cause permanent damage not to mention how bad a car looks after one. Keep in mind also the amount of time it takes. With the hand held gadgets, the cost also swells when you calculate the number of times you may need to replace the casings.

But there is no need to go to all that trouble because, there are laptop and iPhone skins and carbon stickers currently available that do not only protect the exterior of these items but also give you options in getting the desired makeover look for them. These skins give you all the advantages of a paint job or casing but at a mere fraction of the price. And unlike paint, they are easy to apply and easy to remove; it is not meant for one use only, it can be reapplied. You could even get several of them to suit your different frames of mind.

The skins are available for a variety of brands of laptops and iPhones and for vehicle owners, one could get universal carbon stickers for various parts of your vehicle or specific skins for your vehicle make.

They accentuate the look of these items and help set yours apart from the rest, with the option of changing them as soon as your eye gets tired of the look. You also get the option of a custom look, like using your own photo or that of a pet for your iPhone or laptop skin.

They are made of high quality material that does not scratch easily and that has strong adhesive to ensure it won’t peel with use.

The speed of application of the stickers on vehicles is also high compared to the time it would take to get a paint job and you could get simulated carbon-fiber which is a lot cheaper than the real one and has the look of the genuine one. It is worth a try as it will preserve the original finish of your car and protect expensive parts like headlights and their lenses and windshields from the risk of damage by flying objects or hail stones.