How to Repair Paint Chips on Your Vehicle – Car Bodywork Repairing

When you buy a new or used car what is the first thing that appeals to you? I would be safe to assume the color is one of the first features that pulls you to a car once you have decided on the make and model. Some say that a color can define the personality and sometimes this can be true!

If history defines us by color than just look at the different colors of vehicles driven by the highest government or diplomat! Black can mean importance and be very impressive where white can mean status as well! Color believe or not can make the difference between how a vehicle is perceived by others.

For many consumers the advantages of having the options of choosing their own color can also define their individual choices and what there are looking for. Choices like blues, green and even oranges are now available to a buyer. Red is always been regarded as a hot and young color but older peoples find themselves rejuvenated by this choice.

To keep these colors in the greatest shape you must maintain a regular maintenance program. There are many ways to keep your car’s color in great shape. Keeping it clean would be first and foremost as this removes acid and dirt from every place and you then can identify when you have a scratch or chip.

To repair a paint chip requires some work and knowledge and here are a few tips to follow:

-Always check and test the paint or cleaner where it’s invisible to the elements.

-You can find the paint code in the car’s manual and have if verified before application.

-Make sure the car is washed and cleaned. Sometimes a soft power wash is advisable.

– Make sure that the car is dry before any application of protective covers.

-Once cleaned apply a grease or wax to avoid to avoid any rust from accumulation.

– If an area is found that is rusted, the ideal method is to wrap a little piece of sandpaper around a sanding block which usually consists of a small foam block and clean before painting.

-You must use a light hand painting or can it come out uneven. Many professionals will use a toothpick to seal the paint and make sure it is spread out evenly. Always try and keep the edges clear to ensure it evens out perfectly.

-Keep you paint handy because time can be of the essence to giving a perfect match to every paint chip. Once this is done you can use a small bit of nail polish remover or alcohol to remove the excess paint and clean it with a clean rag.

For the small chips and scratches, they now have polishers and waxes then can sometimes be color coated to fix the problem. Just contact your dealership or the vehicles manufacturer to find out what you need!

There are many way to keep your car in great condition and by taking the time, it will protect your investment!