We’ve all come across car trouble throughout our lives. And as car owners, we all want to do our best to avoid such a headache. Fortunately, you can prevent most problems by simply having a maintenance schedule that ensures everything is functioning optimally.

Not only are car issues burdensome, but they also pose a threat to you and those around you. Therefore, resolving any drawbacks that hinder your vehicle sooner than later is crucial for maintaining a safe and secure ride.

Some issues are minor and can be dealt with swiftly, while others can be problematic if left untreated for too long. However, by informing yourself of common car problems and their causes, preventing them from appearing will become an easier task to do.

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1.    Worn-Out Brake Pads

While the sound it produces can put anyone at unease, a worn-out brake is usually an easy fix. A worn brake pad is easily noticeable due to its high-pitched squeals. However, choosing to ignore it will not only damage the brake rotors and calipers but will also wear your tires down.

Additionally, driving with worn brake pads puts your life at risk, as the response time for the brakes would drastically decrease. A slow response time is the last thing you need while driving down the road.

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2. Noisy Engine

A noisy engine is a lousy engine. If your car is experiencing symptoms such as a sputtering, rattling, and misfiring engine, then the fuel and ignition system could be at fault. Another culprit could be a defective spark plug.

For the engine to function correctly, the correct amount of air and fuel mixture should be available for burning. Therefore, replacing the fuel and ignition system components is crucial for keeping the engine running smoothly.

3. Overheating

Many causes could lead to an overheating engine, such as low coolant levels, faulty radiator fans, defective water pumps, or clogged coolant hoses. An overheating engine is a serious problem that you should never ignore, as it could cause irreparable damage to several internal components of the vehicle.

If you notice any signs of smoke coming out of the bonnet, you must pull over and get help from a mechanic. Do not continue driving or attempt to fix the car yourself. It’s best to leave the job to the professionals.

4. Worsening Fuel Economy

Noticing your car stopping at gas stations more often than usual can be very frustrating, especially if the vehicle is still relatively new. Spark plugs, air filters, fuel injectors, and tires are all things you should watch out for if you’re seeking a boost in your car’s fuel performance.

It would help if you kept in mind that your driving style also has an impact on the car’s fuel economy. If you’re an aggressive driver, your vehicle is more susceptible to worsening fuel economy than a driver with a relaxed driving style. So take it easy the next time you take your vehicle for a drive.

5. Uneven Tire Wear

Tires are naturally bound to wear out as time passes. But if your tires are deteriorating unevenly and exceptionally fast, there could be something wrong with the suspension system, alignment, or tires. Another sign of a faulty suspension system is a shaky steering wheel. A wheel alignment could be the solution for unbalanced tires.

Additionally, the tire wear patterns help determine whether a replacement is necessary or if the tire is wearing out naturally. Center wear, edge wear, cupping wear, and patching wear are all different patterns that appear on tires. Over-inflating and under-inflating also cause your tires to wear out at a faster pace.

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