Windshield Repair – Is Your Car Windshield as Safe as you Think?

Windshield Repair – Is Your Car Windshield as Safe as you Think?

Do you really know how safe your windshield is? If you have a new car, it was made with the safest windshield available. But once an auto glass shop replaces the original windshield in the aftermarket, all bets are off. Unfortunately, owners of windshields that need to be replaced are rarely given much choice with regards to quality.

Vehicle owners usually do not have much of any choice when their windshields are damaged. This is true, despite lip service paid to safety and consumer protection laws that provide freedom of choice. Insurance claims are typically referred to glass networks. Most networks own their own glass shops and have a financial interest in performing the work themselves. As there are no State or Federal laws that govern the safety or quality of windshields that are replaced on cars once they are on the road (just new vehicles), it’s a crapshoot whether the work performed meets safety standards.

Ascertaining the quality of the glass and security of the installation is a problem for most motorists who are not experts in glass repair. Even though all insurance companies are contractually obligated to policyholders to restore their vehicles to pre-damaged condition, most consumers would seldom know if any substandard materials or procedures were used on their vehicle.

Because a properly functioning windshield can help save lives in an accident, the consumer is well advised to keep it in tip top condition. It is as important to repair windshield glass that is even slightly damaged: stars, scratches, small cracks, and holes. Windshield repair in [] a timely manner will not only eliminate unsightly flaws, preventing further spread, but it will also enable you to keep the factory installed windshield, which safer, more secure, and leak-proof. It is always better to keep the original windshield when possible.

Sadly, most glass networks choose to replace windshields rather than refer drivers to windshield repair shops like NOVUS. That is because there is not much profit in glass repair for those huge networks. But if the consumer insists on fast, convenient, and inexpensive repair, the insurance company will have to respond to those demands. Most insurance companies these days not only cover the cost of the windshield repairs, they also waive applicable deductibles.

NOVUS technicians are required to regularly undergo advanced windshield repair workshops to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, tools and processes in the industry. These skilled repair staff perform 30-minute windshield repairs at the consumer’s home or workplace. Most European auto manufacturers prefer NOVUS.

NOVUS is responsible for the repair of cracks, holes and scratches in over 23 million car and truck windshields each year for not only individual motorists, but government agencies, fleets, and corporations. The windshield repair/replacement company continues to grow its network of franchisees throughout the United States, Latin America, and around the world. The franchise opportunity offers easy entry, low cost, comprehensive factory training, proprietary products and techniques, and extensive franchisee support. There are more than 2,600 NOVUS franchisees and dealers in operation globally.