Windshield Chip Repair is About More Than Cosmetic Repair

Windshield Chip Repair is About More Than Cosmetic Repair

If that rock chip grows and impairs your view out the windshield, you may have to pay a fine, as it is illegal to have anything, including a sizable rock chip, obstruct your view.

Common Windshield Chip Repair Excuses

Some of the most common excuses for putting off fixing that tiny innocent chip include:

o It’s just superficial; I can live with it.
o I don’t have the money right now.
o I’m too busy to take my car and not have it while they repair it.

Fortunately, there is a way to get around all of these challenges:

o In reality, windshield chip repair isn’t just cosmetic; it can be damaging and make your car’s value go down.
o You can get most rock chips repaired for less than $100 at a reputable windshield repair company.
o Many auto glass repair companies provide mobile windshield chip repair and will come to your home or office and repair the windshield without disrupting your schedule.

Waiting for Windshield Repair Will Make a Hole in Your Wallet

Keep in mind that the longer you wait to repair your windshield chip, the greater the risk of the chip turning into a crack. With temperatures varying (and those hot summer days are terrible for a chipped windshield) and the vibrations your car experiences while driving, that chip is in danger every day.

If money is your excuse for not repairing the windshield, think again. Mobile windshield repair is up to 80 percent cheaper than replacing a windshield, and plus it’s more environmentally friendly. Automobile windshields can’t be recycled, so they just sit in landfills taking up space. Most mobile windshield repair companies also guarantee the work on your chip, so you know that it won’t cost you more money down the road.

Keep in mind that windshield chip repair is ideal for rock chips that are the size of a quarter or smaller. If it is bigger than this, you may need a windshield replacement, so let windshield crack repair experts assess the chip to tell you what the actual costs will be.