When Is the Best Time of Year to Get Window Tinting Installed?

When Is the Best Time of Year to Get Window Tinting Installed?

Sometimes the time of year that tinting film is applied can affect the quality of the job, as well as the life of the tint. If you have decided to have the windows of your automobile, home or business tinted, you may need to consider the seasonal climate’s effect on the installation. In areas that have extreme weather, often automobile tinting companies will set aside a space where temperature and humidity can be controlled.


Since the air is warmer in the summer, the tint will cure faster. On the other hand, if there is a high level of humidity or extremely warm temperatures, the job could be compromised. High humidity can effect the way tint adheres to windows. If this is a problem in your area, it may be best to wait until a time where the humidity is not such a factor.


The spring is usually a good time in most areas because it is neither too hot or too cold. You may find in some southern areas that humidity can be an issue. Spring can also bring rain and if you are having the windows of your car tinted and it needs to be done outside, that could be a problem. Your professional tinting company will take all of these factors into consideration and give you their best recommendations so you will end up with the best result.


The clean, crisp fall air is great for tinting. In many areas of the country, fall is a great time to schedule your professional tinting. There are some areas that later in the fall become quite cold and that can effect curing times.


In northern states, winter can be a very difficult time to have window tinting applied. Cold will lengthen curing times and snow and ice can limit the time available to complete a tinting job. It is often the case that automobile tinting must be performed inside a climate-controlled building.

Inclement weather does not have as much effect on interior tinting of homes and businesses, but high temperatures or very low temperatures can still effect the cure rate because of the temperature of the glass. An experienced tint installer will take your area’s climate into consideration when they are choosing the tint that will best suit your needs.

A professional tinting company can advise you as to the best time of year to have your windows tinted in your area. They also can recommend the proper film for your climate’s conditions.