Warning – Use Caution Before Buying an RC Gas Car For Your Child

Due to the fact that entering the Hobby RC Powered Car arena is not a cheap endeavor, you should take your time in choosing the right type of RC Powered Car that is best suited for your child’s age and skill level.

Once you have been to a race for RC Powered Cars it is hard not to get caught up in the excitement and want to run out and purchase a remote control car for you child. Especially if you are a Dad who always wanted an RC Car when you were a boy, but do yourself a favor and do some research before plunking down your money.

RC Gas Cars can really get the blood pumping when they are racing around the track at speeds of 60 mph and more. Boys young and old seem to be mesmerized by the smell of the gas and the sounds of their tiny engines whizzing by. However, you want to use caution before running out and buying an RC Gas Car for a beginner.

You need to know some facts first like you can’t just pop an RC Gas Car out of the box and take it out for a spin in the cul de sac.

For starters there is a ‘break in period’ that all Gas RC Powered Cars must go through before you can run them full throttle. Now every manufacturer has a different set of guidelines but most require breaking the engine in over several tanks of gas and at $35.00 a gallon, well you get the picture. Not only does the break in period require some patients but afterwards remote gas cars still requires a lot of maintenance, tinkering and tuning to keep it running properly.

With RC Electric Cars you can just charge the battery and it’s ready to go. Another great feature for the beginner is the ability to start off with a 6 cell battery to keep the speed at around 20 mph at first. By doing this it will give the beginner a chance to learn the basics of how the car will respond before upgrading to a 7 or 8 cell battery which can increase speed s to 40-50 mph.

Just remember you should not buy an RC Powered Car on impulse just because it smells and sounds cool. You should really consider the skill level and ease of operation when debating the issue of Gas vs. Electric Powered Cars.