Vision Board Secrets to Attracting a New Car

Vision Board Secrets to Attracting a New Car

Can you get the car of your dreams by using a Vision Board?

Absolutely! A few years ago I made a Vision Board for my husband, as he wanted an exotic sports car called a Ford GT. I created the board for him and as always, I added the written statement that I refer to as the “cosmic insurance policy” – “this or something better manifests for me now, for the highest good of all concerned.” The “due by” date I had written on the board was “by December 2003”, and it came and went.

When we missed the date, rather than leaving the vision board up on the wall, I took it down and hid it.

Why? Because the subconscious mind has well and truly imprinted the image and is working to achieve the goal. To leave the board up with the date would be a trigger and a reminder that the goal was “missed.” This is difficult for people to cope with and is a recipe for undoing the law of attraction and the forces that have been set in motion with the Vision Board.

As the intention had been set the best thing to do was allow the Universe to bring it to us in the right and perfect time.

In March 2004 only 3 months after the due by date was missed my husband became the proud owner of… no, not a Ford GT, but a Lotus Elise a zippy sports car that he loved driving. He still thought he wanted a Ford GT, but now was willing to wait till the prices dropped and it the meantime enjoy, no, LOVE driving the Elise or “go-cart” as is often referred to, due to its extremely good performance, low to the ground hard to flip quality and just because it is lots of fun.

Then in 2005 by surprise, or those of us who know better because of the law of attraction, my husband found another “bargain” and purchased a Panoz Esperante, the same brand of car that Joe Vitale has in his car collection. Joe Vitale is in the hit movie “The Secret”, is a master internet marketer, author of “too many books to mention” and masterfully demonstrates the law of attraction.

Does it matter that we didn’t get exactly what we had on the Vision Board?

No. Why? Because we actually got twice the fun for less money. We are always open to the “something better” part in the cosmic insurance policy, “this or something better, manifests now, for the highest good of all.” And, because we are open to allowing the abundance flow from the Universe we know that what shows up is for the best and the ultimate choice lies in our hands.

We all have the ultimate freedom of choice.

To wait for the perfect moment when the object or our desires (in the pictures on the vision board) actually shows up, whether it be by divine providence, co- incidence or well planned and focused action (often referred to as “hard” work) or to accept the gifts the Universe brings prior to the ultimate goal and trust that what shows up may not be exactly what is on the board, but the feelings you have and the joy you experience is the same and what you get, may possibly be even better than what you thought you wanted.

Consider this principle and let me know how it works for you.

Enjoy your vision board pictures, your visions and manifesting the wonderful journey of your life.