Street Racing – A Thrilling or Deadly Experience

Street racing is dangerous and illegal. If you are interesting in racing, there are many closed tracks that accept a fee for use. Racing on the street can get you killed, put in jail, or even worse, kill an innocent by-stander. Imagine the guilt of such an accident that would be hanging over your head after such a an accident.

Yet many youths still participate in street car racing. It is a thrilling ride, full of adventure that involves the most enthusiastic drivers who have a passion of driving cars. Street car racing now takes place in almost every part of the world.

In Street Car Racing the cars run at very high speeds and some of the faster street racing cars can go up to 60mph in just 4 seconds. So, one can imagine the pace at which these car races take place. Some of the faster street racing cars have a speed of up to 180mph. Many cars have neon underbody lighting system that looks amazing when the cars are running at high speeds. Normally these races take place at nighttime, so the lighting system looks very good. Generally most street racing cars have a Nitrous Oxide system that can double or even triple the horse power of a car. The latest street racing cars come with onboard entertainment system with as many as five television screens.

Any person can participate in illegal street car racing, yet the danger and risks are not worth it. Racing on a closed track can be just as thrilling. Street racing appeals to people because the only requirements are that the person has a car. However, many people prefer to watch motor sports rather than experiencing them their own, since this involves a lot of risk to drive the cars at such high speeds. Generally people with a lot of money and time to spare take part in such a sport as this. It takes a lot of money to customize a car for racing.

Generally young people are more attracted towards this sport than the older ones. People customize their cars and even upgrade for maximum boost with suspension, tires, turbo and nitrous. But the drivers of illegal races need to be careful of the cops since to drive at such high speeds on the streets is not officially allowed and as mentioned, is extremely dangerous. If the cops catch you they will likely seize your vehicle or put you behind the bars. Some youngsters feel it to be a thrill when an actual cop is chasing them but actually the thrill is gone when the cops trap you, or a telephone pole does. Speeding can cause a loss of someone’s life and is not to be taken lightly. If one takes conscious efforts to drive within the speed limits on the streets and saves racing for closed courses, then the experience can be an absolute thrill.