Remote Control Cars And Trucks

One of the best things about childhood is the toys and the older you get the better they get. Remote control cars and so on are fabulous fun whether you play on your own or with a group of friends. They can give hours of entertainment and keep the kids, and sometimes the husbands, out of trouble.

There is no limit to the variations in cars, trucks and so on that are available to buy on the market today, twenty odd years ago it was a far different story but now we are inundated with choice and variety. There are sports cars, vintage vehicles and even formula one cars, in addition to this you can have trucks and all-terrain vehicles.

The possibilities for this past-time are endless and the fun by no means has to stop once you grow up. There are numerous groups in every country that meet to discuss and show off their latest toy and they also perform races. So you could take part in a formula one race, an off-road rally or even a monster truck derby.

These fun filled cars are simply scaled down models of the original, in many ways they have all the same details and are capable of relatively similar speeds, when you consider their size that is. You wont find a RC car that can do 200mph but one has been modified by a professional RC car racer and has broken his own world record for the fastest RC car. Previously it stood at 134mph, now it is at a staggering 161mph.

The average top speed of any RC vehicle depends greatly on what it is based on, an off road vehicle will not go as quickly as a road based one but the off road version can be a lot more fun. Some off road designs allow he car to flip and run up-side down and the wheels can even change shape to enable to the get out of tricky places.

There are many places where you can purchase RC cars and trucks, shops sell them and there are countless places online that stock them but if you are looking for something more than just a toy for your child then you need to consider spending a little more and visiting an specialist shop or internet site.

Whether you go to a physical shop or find a great site make sure you speak to someone about your requirements so they can talk you through the models that have and what they can do. That way you can be sure of getting an RC vehicle that does what you want it to, and that it is suitable to your level of experience.

There is no point getting a super fast race car and smashing it up in the first day you have it, listen to the sales person and follow their suggestions. If RC racing is going to become a permanent hobby then you need to take the time to build up your knowledge base and experience with the slower and easier to control models before tacking the big boys.