To play car racing games has always been one of the favorites around the world and has millions of fans either emulating it or idolizing the same sport that it has originated from. Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, David Coulthard and others have gained super-human status because of this sport. Speed and motor vehicles are two objects that excite and initiate an adrenaline rush in every kid’s as well as adult’s mind. And a combination of these make for a route into their hearts.. And as tradition goes, every popular thing has been shaped into a video game, and car racing cannot miss the key.

As car racing games have evolved from the usual hand-held block shaped games that had fixed obstacles and other block-shaped cars as rivals to the real-life spark-spitting, horn-blaring automobile-gods that race in virtual collosseums today. Kids today prefer to play car race games much more than the usual shooting or strategy games available in the games arena.

The energy and the thrills that is evident from playing driving games online is a major plus to the kids of this age who seek thrill beyond any horizon. From the simple simulation driving games available to the more sexed up sleek car races with gyrating cheerleaders and even better tune-up strategies, to play car race games today is experiencing heaven.

Even though parents have yielded to this habit of the Y-Generation, to play driving games is to indulge the evil, say a few parents. According to them these games are nothing more than mere tools for the gaming companies to train the little docile minds for more adult-oriented and heavily priced games in the future.

To get them addicted to these racing games is the easiest possible move to help them succumb to the gaming habit and thus increase their business prospects. These companies even offer kids and game addicts to play free driving games as a trial but actually use these as bait to the innocuous gamers. But all said and done, do these kids play driving games online just for the sake of thrill and trivial racy feelings? Not really.

Surveys have termed that to play free driving games or rather driving games is a great boost to people who suffer from nervous problems during actual driving or are devoid of sharper driving genius. Playing car racing games lends maturity and subtlety to the teenagers who are overtly eager to start driving and yet do not have the required skill to do the same.

Car racing games often increases concentration levels and the spirit of healthy competition and rivalry among the gamers. Addiction to games, as experts say, is a better option for teenagers and the young to indulge in than to have a penchant for drugs.

While the debate rages on, we find game cafes and gaming competitions on the rise and hundreds practice and play car racing games and grab the pole position, a la Michael Schumacher, the hero for all – real life as well as gaming racers!