New Car GPS Lock – Do You Need One?

You love your portable car GPS.

Trouble is, so do thieves.

And even if you remove the device from the windshield and store it out of sight, the telltale suction cup marks on the glass are like an open invitation for unscrupulous passers-by to break into your car to try and find your GPS in the glove compartment. And this is happening way too often ( and the GPS units are not cheap).

But this new “tool” seems to be an excellent anti-theft lock device for your car GPS.

It’s called Maplock (kind of smart name!) and it really is a two phase security solution:

1) The unit clamps onto the GPS.
2) A Security Cable secures the GPS unit to steering wheel.

And Voila! Good luck trying to remove the GPS unit without taking the steering wheel with you.

It is a security device plus a visual deterrent. Thieves will think it twice before trying to steal your GPS. Because the unit:

• Provides both physical security for GPS units, and a visual deterrent against potential “smash and grab” thieves.
• Provides car owners with the confidence to leave their GPS in the car, where it is needed.
• Fits most auto GPS units with diagonal screen sizes ranging from 3.5-inches to 5-inches, and is adjustable to a wide variety of unit thickness.
• Rugged outer construction and key secure your GPS in place without scratching it.
• Braided stainless steel cable provides extra security by attaching your GPS enclosed by the Maplock, to the steering wheel.
• It is available in a variety of stylish and eye-catching colors ( I love the light blue one; it matches the color of my car.)

It came in a Box with the Maplock device, 3-rubber spacers, 1-security cable, 2-keys, 1-storage pouch.

Per the manufacturers’ instructions, it fits most portable car navigation or GPS units with screen sizes between 3.5 inch to 5 inch and you can install it in seconds.

I like the concept and the extra security it provides. Plus this GPS car lock won the Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award at Sema 2009 ( was awarded the Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award at the Recent Sema / APPEX Trade show in Las Vegas) so there must be something great about it that makes “car experts” like it.

What do you think…