All models of Honda Prelude 1997 to 2001 models were launched with Immobilizer system and losing the key would be a nightmare. If you own a Honda Prelude, you know that as per the consumers’ feedback and reviews, the fast paced Honda Prelude from 1997 to 2001 came with one defect- the ignition switch interlock did not function properly. This caused the key to be in ‘off’ position and you could remove it but without shifting the transmission to the ‘park’ feature. Apart from this aspect, Prelude is a beautiful car to drive.

Most car companies have incorporated the Immobilizer function into nearly all vehicles as a theft deterrent mode. But on the contrary, if you are in Chicago and lose Honda Prelude car keys, getting a replacement is not just getting a key cut at the local key maker, it is big time expensive.

Immobilizer keys are coded and replacements are only done by some of the best Chicago locksmiths that have state of art Immobilizer key making machines and latest know how. The only other option is taking your car back to the Honda dealership and getting it replaced by the company after paying $800- $1000. In most cases, a good Chicago locksmith will be able to help you if you lose Honda Prelude key.

Affordable and experienced Chicago locksmiths that have state-of-art machines with coding and precision cutting for reflashing and cutting spare keys also provide other services like laser keys, electronic keys, and new transponder keys apart from lost car keys replacement facility. They have the capability to program transponder keys, immobilizer keys and high security keys.

Understanding Immobilizer System

The Immobilizer system protects your car from being stolen. It works on the feature that only the proper coded unique ignition key that is used in the ignition switch will be allow the engine to start, thus safeguarding your car. Any other car key used will just disable the circuit. All Immobilizer keys come with a chip or a transmitter in the head and the code is matched when you put in the ignition key with the engine switch. The Immobilizer key also indicates the control unit for activating the ignition system so if you have lost Honda Prelude car keys, you would need the services of an expert Chicago locksmith. They have the infrastructure to reflash a new Immobilizer system and cut you corresponding keys.

As one of the leading Chicago locksmiths suggests, just in case, you have the car key which is not working, and need to just get a spare cut, you will not need the red key. But if you have lost all Honda Prelude car keys, then you will need to have your Immobilizer system reflashed and the red key will be required. In Honda Prelude cars, it is best to use approved Immobilizer blank keys. You also need to protect your Immobilizer keys from heat, humidity and liquids.

If you have lost Honda Prelude keys, do not try to attempt and alter the system on your own as electrical circuits may be damaged or other electrical issues may render your car in operable. As Honda Prelude owner, you must have received the key number plate along with your car keys. This key number is essential when you need to get a spare or a lost key replaced. If you intend buying a Honda Prelude 1997 to 2001 model, ask the present owner and keep the number plate safely. So, if you have lost Honda Prelude keys, don’t fret. With express services provided by expert Chicago locksmith, getting a spare transponder key is no hassle and the service costs you much less than going the company for spares.