Finding the Right Towing Company for Road Assistance and Tire Problems

Finding the Right Towing Company for Road Assistance and Tire Problems

A towing company needs to provide you with speedy services needed in towing and also with additional help required like emergency service when you have a flat tire, battery run out, car lock out etc. These services provided are good but the most important consideration during towing is safety. Safety for your car and you and your family.

When towing your car it’s a necessity to use safety chains to ensure that your car remains attached to the towing truck. It ensures the safety of the car and is also keeps you legal. When you are using safety chains be sure to check that the chains are crossed under the tongue of the trailer, this makes sure that even if the trailer were to get detached from the hitch it will not be separated from the tow truck. We make sure your towing chains are loose enough to enable you to take turns towing but not too loose that they are hanging on the ground to cause further trouble. When you are towing your vehicle you have to be sure that he cars behind you know when you are going to break or take a turn. We check if the trailer has brake lights, side lights and also tail lights that work in union with that of the tow truck. Each trailer is provided with a wire harness that connects the trailer wiring to that of the tow truck to get these signals.

As well as safety is an important issue, we also understand that the customer needs a well educated driver to arrive at the scene, whether it is a towing hookup, road service call, lockout, tire change, or flat tire, out of fuel, car in ditch, dead battery, or vehicle diagnostics, we are there to serve your needs. Make sure your towing company offers flatbed towing as well, local or long distance towing, light and medium duty towing, and during the winter months snowplowing, snow removal for (commercial and residential accounts) as well. Make sure the staff is well trained, professional, and on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any towing service need, service call, emergency road service, accident removal, or parking lot towing.

Keep your towing phone numbers handy, in case of an emergency, breakdown or regular service needs. We hope that emergency services are never needed, and you can prevent a lot of discomfort, and bad experience from occurring if you follow some basic guidelines, such as preventative maintenance on your vehicle, at least with monthly or weekly checkups. Look at the tires, head lights, tail lights, turn signal, check inside lights, keep a flashlight or two handy with fresh batteries, and a first aid kit, as well as a few more clothes in the trunk. A few essential tools would help, a quart of oil, antifreeze, a safety light stick for nighttime emergencies, a bag of cat litter to help get you out of a snow drift, or off a slick road.

Tires are very, very important factor to consider, whether it’s a hot day in the country, or a cold day in the winter, not only is it important to have good tread on your tires, it is important as well to have the right tires for the vehicle, and check your spare at least once a month, make sure the rubber on the tire isn’t brittle, or weakening. The biggest and the most calls we get are from under inflated or over inflated tires, as well as very worn tires, and at times the wrong tires were installed on the vehicle. People don’t often check their spare tire and we find it flat or old.

Take the time out to do checkups on your car, just as you should do on your body to keep yourself functioning daily; drinking lots of water and eating a nutritious meal. Also checking your house to make sure the roof, gutters, basement, etc are well maintained.

A well maintained vehicle can go a very, very long way, and doing those checkups can save you a lot of Money and Time, as well as most of the traumatic experiences our life’s daily travels.

Being stranded with a flat tire is a nightmare for every driver. A flat tire can be a harrowing experience; usually it usually happens when you are in great hurry to get somewhere. If you have a spare tire and you know how to change it, then that’s great but if you don’t you will need to look for a towing service or roadside assistance service available in your area.

A puncture in a tire measuring up to one quarter inch can be repaired by automobile service professionals. However, if the cut is slightly bigger or it is a sidewall puncture, tire repair is not a practical solution and the flat tire needs to be replaced.

A flat tire can happen because of a foreign object, improper care or an inexperienced driver. Blow outs, slow leaks, pinch cuts, punctures form sharp objects can cause a flat tire. A puncture is usually caused by a sharp object; a cut made by a sharp object can easily be patched up.

Slow leaks of the tube inside the tire can be replaced, although they are hard to find. Pinch cuts make a dent in the rim. A sudden let-out of the air accompanied by the flapping sound is what causes blow outs.

Once you realize that you have a flat tire the first thing you should do is park your vehicle in a safe place, and turn on the hazard lights. Now you can call to a locksmith company which can provide roadside assistance and towing service for flat tires.

There are number of automobile services that are provided by locksmith companies. Although if you find yourself in an area where roadside assistance is not probable you can try tire repairing by yourself, here are few simple tips for you.

First of all, make sure that you have all the equipments required to change flat tire such as a jack, tire iron and of course a spare tire. Now loosen the lug nuts with the tire iron. Once they are loosened it’s time to lift the vehicle with the help of the jack.

The vehicle only needs to be lifted up enough to raise the tire two inches from the ground floor. Now you can completely remove the lug nuts and flat tire. Place the spare tire keeping the lug nuts and tire holes in a synchronized position and tighten the lug nuts in the opposite direction that you used to remove them.

Please remember that you never know when you may need to place a tire again so make sure you place a spare tire in your car as soon as possible.