Did Mom Really Take The Car Away Or Was It Just Great Advertising?

A mother finds alcohol in her son’s car and runs an ad in the local paper to sell the car. On the surface it seems like a nothing story and something that might be somewhat common.

Yet within days of this classified running the mother is bombarded with interview requests from media outlets across the country.

Why? Well because of the way that the ad was written. It used words that the average person would not normally see in a car classified which is why it has generated so much attention.

I discovered a couple of days after seeing the story run that the woman is a professional copywriter. And now she is having news anchors across the world talking about how great her copy is written and people are able to see the effectiveness of the copy because of how much attention it received.

Well it gets better.

In her interviews not only does she promote her copywriting business but also a radio show that she is doing. These interviews are costing her nothing, yet she is receiving probably millions of dollars of free advertising.

So, how did she make herself a news story and become an instant celebrity?

I don’t know for sure, but I expect that one person was behind all this. Paul Hartunian.

Paul is the master at getting major publicity often times for free. He has taught people around the world how to get massive local, national and even worldwide exposure for themselves and their business. You can’t buy better advertising than you will get for free or very little money by making yourself a news story or tying yourself into a top story.

So have these media outlets be your salespeople. While everyone out there is fighting for market share, paying huge amounts for advertising and spending countless hours on SEO and other website methods, Paul is showing people how to do all this for less than the cost of lunch.

If you are serious about getting massive publicity for your business, Paul is someone you need to get to know.

Listen to Paul and take action on what he says. His methods work with every industry.

And follow in this woman’s footsteps and make yourself newsworthy and successful.

To our success,

Chuck Abbott