Detailing Your Car Yourself The Best Way Possible

When you think of taking care of your car, most people think about simple maintenance for their car. Oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, etc. But do you ever think about taking care of the exterior and interior of your car? How clean and organized your car is can determine how you feel about your car. A car that is in beautiful, like new condition can actually be more enjoyable to drive. To get your car looking like new, you can take it to a car detail shop or you can do it yourself. You can save a lot of money by doing it yourself, but it’s helpful to learn some of the tips that professional car detailers use.

First, it’s a good idea to visit your local automobile supply store. There, you can pick up inexpensive items like lint free cloths, car shampoo, cleaning supplies and other items you will need to detail your car. You will also want to have access to good quality water. If you have hard water and use it to wash the car, you may be left with residue and hard water spots. There are portable units that you can buy to dispense water onto your car. They require a refill about every 5,000 to 10,000 gallons. The water is as close as you can get to distilled water. With this type of unit and water, you can detail the car without worrying about leaving spots on the car. Make sure you dry the car well with your lint free cloth. Don’t forget to clean the tires. There are cleaners you can use that will get your tires to look shiny. You would be surprised at what a difference clean and shiny tires make to the entire look of your car.

Now that you have the tools to get a good clean for the outside of your car, make sure to keep the inside of your car clean and organized as well. You will want to start with a good vacuum with strong horsepower. The bigger the horsepower, the bigger suction you will have when it comes to shampooing your carpets. Make sure you wipe down the dashboard and console with a good cleaner to remove dust and keep it’s color looking true and shiny.

When you finish detailing your entire car, you will want to keep it looking like you just drove it off the lot. So throw out trash every time you stop at a gas station or convenience store. You don’t want that to accumulate in your car until it is overflowing. Place things that tend to roll around in your car in the trunk in a secure net. Place important documents like registration, maps and other papers in your glove compartment so you can get to them quickly and easily. Keep garbage bags in your car to clean up soda cans or food wrappers. You can usually just use a small plastic grocery bag and hang it on the back of your seat for easy access to a trash bag. Lastly, make sure you keep a portable hand vacuum cleaner in the trunk of your car so you can clean up small spills and messes.