Do Today’s Car Games Teach Kids to Drive Recklessly? I by all means have nothing against car games or any kind of game whether it be shooting, mmorpg, action or war game. They are fun and totally addictive but sometimes it does make you wonder.

I’m a huge fan of car games whether it be online, consoles like the Xbox, play station or PC/Mac games. But lately I have been thinking are these kind of games teaching our kids inappropriate messages on how to drive a car? Should we be worried? Maybe.

I noticed something the other day watching my 8 year old nephew, he had just finished playing a what I think is a totally cool car racing game titled Need for Speed 2, what had me puzzled was the what he asked me after he had just finished his game – “Uncle Warren. Can I drive your car and race my dad?” At first I thought it was funny and innocent,but it wasn’t until I told my wife about it which raised some concerns.

My wife was like Oh my goodness I hope he doesn’t have that kind of attitude when he grows up and gets his license! This really got me thinking do these car games effect the way we think we should drive cars, do they deliver a message to kids and teenagers to drive recklessly Could this be the reason why there are so many smashes and fatalities on the road today which are growing year by year?

So if this is an issue, how do we solve it? Do we diminish games altogether or should we think smarter when developing games and provide advertisements before and during the games showing real life accidents from driving recklessly, speeding and stupidity while driving a car. Maybe even show some educational in game video on how to drive safely. What about educational car games that teach kids and teens how to drive and make it exciting and fun to play to keep them interested.

Next time you visit an online gaming site or play a video game think how it could be effecting our children. Do the ratings really suit the game they are playing?