Car Customisation – What Services to Expect from an ECU Remapping Company

Car Customisation – What Services to Expect from an ECU Remapping Company

ECU remapping is a term used for fine tuning the programs that deal with engine performance.

An ECU (Engine control unit) remapping Company will firstly, read your vehicle’s engine map file to determine its current capacity and power. Your car’s digital map file stores information on:

• fuel delivery

• timing

• boost limits

• torque limits

• ignition advance curves

• load variables

• temperature variable

This file will be modified by the company in question, and then uploaded back to your vehicle. The data, which is to be reloaded, will have been tailor-made to best suit your cars enhanced performance and fuel efficiency. A successful engine control unit remapping service will also provide your vehicle with more torque, a smoother drive and better acceleration.

When changing such a vast a complex part of your vehicle it is very wise to do your homework. There are many stories circulating online about un-happy car owners that tried to take the cheap option and buy an ECU image file off the internet and are now paying the price.

When considering having this process carried out, it may seem tempting and convenient, going with a mobile car tuner, but this is not always a good idea. For example they will not be able to provide a rolling road service or access garage based dynamometer. These pieces of equipment are necessary for effective car enhancements.

It is also very important that you only use a company that specialise in ECU remapping. This is a specialist area and your average mechanic who does a range of jobs won’t be a specialist at it. There are a range of reasons why you should look at using an ECU Remapping service.

With a recent recession behind us and the tax rising on the price of fuel it is definitely worth considering this option if it will save you between a five and 10 percent on your annual fuel costs. This will offset the small price that you will pay for getting this service done.

A good ECU remapping company will be more than happy to sit down with you and chat over the details of choosing this service. ECU remapping also makes your care easier and safer to drive. No worries about your engine struggling and stalling when you need power.

If you have ECU Remapping done you can rest assure that your engine will work when you need it. No sluggish start offs and no rough idling. ECU remapping is essential to maintain your car and improving its performance. While there are many services in the United Kingdom, it is best to go with a company that specialise in remapping. In addition, while mobile services may seem convenient, they often lack the specific tools they need to undertake an ECU remap properly. So do a search and find a specialist in your area today.