Buying a Dunlop Graspic Tire Set – Choosing the Right Winter Snow Tire

The Dunlop Graspic tire family is designed for maximum traction in winter snow conditions. Choosing the right tire takes a bit of planning and some knowledge about the typical driving conditions you expect this winter. This article is meant to help take away some of the confusion and ensure you end up with the right studless snow tire for your needs.

These winter snow tires comes in two models — the DS-2 and DS-3. These studless winter tires are designed for minivans and cars (not SUVs or big 4x4s). Both models are well-regarded for snow traction, braking, safety, and noise levels. However, the DS-3 model is newer and incorporates the latest technology.

The first thing you should consider is how strong your local winter snow conditions are. Does it snow 3 inches then melt and turn into hard black ice? Pick the DS-3 because the DS-2 isn’t as good in hard ice. Does it snow for longer periods leaving packed snow on the road and big snow drifts you have to drive through to get to the store or into your driveway? Either the DS-2 or DS-3 will do a great job in deeper snow. Are your winters 3 months long or 6 months long? For shorter winters you can get away with the more moderately priced Graspic DS-2, but for long cold winters you need higher traction and ice performance for the wide variety of conditions and cold temperatures which is where the Graspic DS-3 really shines.

Next, what is your budget for the Dunlop Graspic tire? If you’re looking for a cheaper tire with a good reputation in winter snow you can’t beat the Graspic DS-2. On the other hand, if you want the top quality features and don’t mind paying for it, then why not get the best and buy the Graspic DS-3? Remember, when it comes to snow and ice traction in blizzard or wicked cold conditions, one crash or slip into a ditch can cost you thousands. It’s up to you to consider whether saving a few hundred dollars is worth the minor extra risk in selecting a less performance-oriented snow tire like the DS-2 over the more expensive DS-3.

Considering the questions above will ensure you purchase the correct Dunlop Graspic tire.