Beware of These Car Dealer Tricks When Buying a New Car

Beware of These Car Dealer Tricks When Buying a New Car

We know that most car dealers are honest. But still, a lot of people feel scared while buying a new car. In this article, we will learn about the common tricks used by auto dealerships and how to avoid them.

First, when you go to any showroom, the salesman will discuss about your plans, price, and monthly installment etc. Then people usually make up their mind for buying a certain type of car. It is highly advised to focus your attention on each individual aspect of car buying and then take some decision rather than let a salesman suggest you something.

If there is a discount scheme available on a particular model, you can still negotiate the price with the dealer. The discount scheme is normally offered by the manufacturer not the dealer. So, when you visit a showroom, you may ask for a reasonable discount and then get the appropriate rebate as per manufacturer scheme. Always be specific about your repaying capacity. If you tell a salesman that you plan to pay 500$ per month for the car, the salesman will always suggest you to increase the installment amount. Kindly be specific and tell the salesman not to discuss about the installment until you finalize a car. Do make sure that dealer does not include any hidden charges.

If a dealer agreed for a deal at a price, you can always refuse to pay any extra or unnecessary add-on charges. A very old trick used by dealers is to get a sign on ‘Bill of Sale’ from the customer. Many customers do not pay attention to the words like “Subject To Bank Approval” in the document and blindly sign it only to get a call back from the dealer saying that the bank rejected their request and now they need to pay some extra money and sign new document.

Many customers negotiate with the salesman and when agree to buy a car, salesman asks for a check as a confirmation of the order. Do not ever give a salesman a check. If you look interested to buy a car, the salesman will always be ready to knock your door whenever you want. If you produce a check, the chances are that it will be reported as lost or misplace by a dealer. Don’t forget to stop the check payment if your check is reported to be lost or misplaced.

A very good way to find about a dealer is to do some research online, make a list of available dealers in your city and consult them on phone initially. You can ask your friends and relatives as well to confirm how a dealer is.