Auto Glass Repair – Sometimes Better Than a Replacement

Auto Glass Repair – Sometimes Better Than a Replacement

You’ve been driving down the road and wham, a rock flies across and cracks your windshield. Now you have a huge gash or crack right down the middle. The longer you leave it the bigger those cracks can get. At that point you need to find someone to perform auto glass repair. It is a pretty simple procedure which is usually covered by most insurance companies. Many of the companies that perform such a service will meet you at your work or your home to perform the job for you.

Most of the auto glass repair procedures only take about thirty minutes or less to perform for you, that is if it is only a simple rock chip or small crack that isn’t much bigger than a quarter. If your crack is much bigger than that it might take longer than thirty minutes to complete the task.

Many insurance companies will waive your deduction if you are willing to simply have auto glass repair performed versus replacing your entire windshield. If the crack or chip in your windshield is less than three inches in length or less you’re car is a prime candidate for this type of service.

Now it’s time to decide on who will be performing your auto glass repair. You need to consider what type of service you want. Do you need someone who comes to you or can you take it to them without any major crimps in your schedule? Are they reliable? Are they so busy that you’ll have to wait weeks to have the window repaired or will you be able to get it fixed in a timely manner? All of these are of course extremely important questions.

You should look for a company who is willing to give you a free estimate on the work. If they can’t tell you how much it’s going to cost or charges you to tell you how much it’s going to cost then they are not worth doing business with. You need someone who will work with your insurance and preferably someone who will fill out the paper work for you, making it much simpler on your part.

Do your research to ensure that you find company that is not going to rip you off to do a little auto glass repair. You need to find a certified company that backs their work with a guarantee, and having good consumer ratings is not a bad idea either.