7 Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Dent Repair Hassle

Dent repair and other major car repairs can be a huge expense. But this can be avoided through safe driving. Safe driving is quite more than taking lessons in driver education. It demands using your head and a lot of common sense as well.

Actually, avoiding car accidents and damages is basically just about remembering the basics. Here are some important reminders to drive safely:

Always buckle up. Wearing seatbelt is the most important step to keep you and your family safe while driving. Use safety belts and properly restrain children all the time. Remember, kids are safer in the rear seat, where there are safety belts appropriate to their size.

Put your both hands on the wheel. Yes, it is critical to always drive with your both hands on the wheel. Why? This will help you have greater control when steering. And it is ideal to place your hands at the nine or three o’clock positions.

Always look at both directions. A lot of road accidents transpire because drivers fail to remember this basic rule. If you make a turn without looking first at both directions, then accidents could come your way.

Follow the rules at all times. Of course, always follow your state’s laws on driving and traffic. Be aware about when you can drive and/or with whom. If you don’t abide by the rules and you get caught by the police, you can lose your license. Also, know the speed limit of the road you are driving on. And as a general safety rule, keep a safe distance between you and the next car in front of you.

Avoid any form of distraction. It is best to turn off your phone or any distracting things that will grab your attention away from the road. Never dare text while driving – your state’s laws could bring about some serious legal consequences. Also, do not use earphones as you won’t be able to hear sounds like horns and sirens. Just pull over to a safe area for a while if you really need to do something.

Drive with a clear head. It is imperative that you only drive with a clear head. Taking alcohol and certain drugs, both illegal and legal, could seriously impair your driving skills. Also, get enough rest and don’t drive for long trips without having a break. If you feel tired, don’t compromise safety by trying to drive. If you are really sleepy, it is best to pull over or have another licensed driver to drive for you.

Have an expert to inspect your vehicle. Last but certainly not the least is ensuring that your vehicle is in peak condition. This is an excellent way to help you drive safely and sidestep unnecessary dent repair costs in the future. Let your technician check all the areas that can contribute to safe driving such as the wiper blades, tire wear, brakes, steering, suspension and more.