With the constant rise in gas prices and the downfall of the economy, even the most wasteful consumers think twice. Conserving our natural resources is not only important to the well-being of the human race but also our wallets. Regardless of whether you do it for the environment, our well-being, or your wallet, here are some gas-saving tips to help you out.

Check your tires. Every time you drive your car you should take a quick stroll around it to check for low or flat tires. The actual pressures should be measured monthly especially when the outside temperature starts changing drastically. Low tire pressure will decrease your fuel mileage significantly. Having properly inflated tires will not only give you optimum mpg’s (miles per gallon), but extend the life of your tires.

Lighten up. Remove any unnecessary items from the car and the trunk. Decreasing the weight of the car will increase your mpg’s.

Do it all at once. Consolidate as many car trips as you can into one. It’s also not a bad idea to plan these trips during times when traffic is low. This will reduce stop-and-go traffic which will also cause your fuel mileage to decrease.

Don’t leave it idle. Avoid letting your car idle for long periods of time when picking up friends, family, or whatever the task may be. Instead turn you car off and save some gas.

Don’t be a racecar driver. Hard acceleration is the best way to burn gas. Try to observe traffic patterns ahead and adjust your speed as smoothly as possible. Also, observe speed limits and abide by them. This will save you from running into trouble with the law and filling up your tank more frequently.

Be cool in the cabin. During hot months, use the air-conditioning on the lowest level comfortable, with the windows up to reduce drag and increase mpg’s. When sitting in stop-and-go traffic, it’s best to roll down the windows and shut off the AC for better fuel economy.

Show your car some love. Make sure to keep your vehicle “tuned up” and running efficiently. Letting your maintenance get away from you will part you with your money faster. Give the car and your wallet a little TLC.

Not only will these gas-saving tips save you at the pump, but they help the environment and could increase the life of your car. This is the true definition of “winning!”