4 Car Safety Features That Will Give You Auto Insurance Discounts

There are many car features that help people lower the rates they pay for car insurance. After studying the many features, some were pick out to be the most effective in reducing auto insurance premiums.

The truth is that buying a car with complete safety features with save you a great deal on premiums and will earn you discounts from insurance companies. Now, let’s discuss these car features that give discounted car insurance rates.

Anti Lock Braking System (ABS): This feature has proven to be very helpful by making sure the car driver stays in control even on very wet slippery roads. Mostly when the car tires lose traction all wheels lock, the ABS automatically and rapidly pumps the brakes which makes the car to stop faster.

Side Impact Air Bags: Accidents that occur at the side of cars can be very deadly since the people in the vehicle are left to deal with the broken glass of windows and the steel door. Side impact air bags are known to absorb this attack, thereby keeping the people in the car safe.

Navigation System: This makes it so easy for the driver of a car to navigate through the places he or she wants to go. This is so helpful in that time is saved, automobile gas is saved and money is ultimately saved. The effectiveness of this system seems to be on the increase since manufacturers are now making more intelligent navigation systems.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC): This helps the driver by monitoring his of her intended road path and the direction the automobile takes. It works by automatically activating the brake or reducing the engine power and slowing down the vehicle if the driver starts to leave track.

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