If you don’t drive, you could be missing out on a lot. Here are 10 reasons why people learn how to drive.

1. Many people decide to get a driving licence to get their first taste of independence. Young adults, in particular, may relish the chance to no longer rely on their parents so heavily.

2. For adults that have children, the school run may be somewhat stressful and drawn out if they don’t drive. Having a licence will allow them to drop their children off and be home in no time.

3. Parents will always worry about their child’s safety and until the child reaches an age where they can make their own way home, knowing they have a car and licence to go pick them up is a major benefit.

4. Many people opt to get behind the wheel because they no longer want to have their schedule dictated by bus and train timetables.

5. Families with small children often prefer to holiday on home soil, but without a car that can be difficult. Learning to drive means parents can take their little ones to the coast whenever they want.

6. The convenience of having a car and being able to drive to the supermarket to do the big weekly shop is a major benefit when compared to the alternative of having to cart shopping bags back on public transport.

7. Many jobs will demand the employee to have a full driving licence, so many people will learn to drive in order to boost their career prospects.

8. Not only that, but when adults have access to a car, they are able to apply for jobs that are further afield or that they consider too difficult to commute to by public transport.

9. When a couple do not live together, it may be more convenient to be able to drive on one another’s homes or to take each other out.

10. Visiting elderly relatives is important, but without a car, it can be difficult. This is one of the main reasons why older adults decide to learn how to drive.

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