The tires on our vehicles are one of the hardest working things, while at the same time, it is one of the most necessary parts on this machine. However, sometimes, we do not give it the necessary care and attention that it needs.

Sometimes, instead of driving around and, or, going slowly through a hold in the road, we speed through it and sometimes instead of using winter one at the right time, we use summer ones. Yes, all of this and more are all about taking good care of these important parts.

Some more things that we could do to take care of them are:


It is very important to have the right amount of air in our vehicles. It is not such a good idea to have too much air in them, while at the same time, having too little of it, would also create problems.

For example, although we may be using winter ones during the winter season and snow is on the road, if we have them too inflated, they will “slide.”

Therefore, we could follow the automobile’s manual recommendation as to how firm it should be and, we could check it regularly to make sure that it has enough. Additionally, checking them when they are cold, oppose to hot or warm, would be best.


We should also check to make sure that the tread is on the legal side. That is, after a while, they will worn-out and because of this, they will lose traction and, they may slide in the rain, they may not stop promptly and other things along this line may occur.

We could use a North American penny to test the dept of the tread and if it could hardly get between most of the groves, they may need replacing.

However, having our trusted mechanic to look at them, would be best.


As we regularly look at our tires to make sure that everything is alright with them, we could look out for things such as cuts, exposed belts and bumps, just to mention a few. It is best to fix any damages because they may become accident waiting to happen.

A good practice that we could get into if our vehicle is usually parked in a public area is to check them before we drive off. That is, we could simply walk around to make sure that there is no visible signs of lack of air in them.

We may usually be in a rush and may not want to do this every time we are about to drive it, but, this is far better than jumping behind the wheels and only finding out about it in the middle of a busy road.