Do you love the way your beautiful valve stem caps look on your car? The way the sun shines off the logo is just stunning. But if you think your tire valve caps are cool, so will the thief that likes to steal them to sell or just to add to his own collection. If you have gorgeous looking valve stem caps on your car, don’t be surprised if one day they just disappear! So what is the solution to this problem? Read on to discover a way that you can prevent your tire valve cap from being the target of thieves.

If you are tired of worrying about your valve stem cap being stolen, the solution to this problem lies in getting a theft proof valve cap. These caps make it almost impossible for a thief to steal because they require a key to be removed. You can try to turn these caps all you want, but since they are a locking valve cap, you cannot get them off. So how does this work?

These chrome tire pressure valve caps are made with an outer sleeve. This outer sleeve will shield the tire valve cap from any type of gripping force. This makes this lockable valve cap a theft proof valve cap! When you purchase these anti theft valve caps you will receive two small custom made aluminum key that will discreetly fit on your key chain. This key is the only tool you will need to remove your valve caps.

But these valve caps also perform another important function besides just deterring thieves. These tire pressure valve caps are equipped with high quality o-ring that form a snug seal. This rubber o-ring will stop any air leakage and act as a final seal should the tire valve stem fails and will help to maintain consistent air pressure in your tires. This will result in less blowouts, better gas mileage and more even wear on your tires.

Here are a few facts for you to consider. In one study performed by the Society of Automotive Engineers, 75{f8abb4491e2a97c6f3f61e27580e43f022bf9247b14e411a7365df735a23d0b8} of tire failures were preceded by slow air leaks and insufficient tire pressure. 300,000 car accidents annually in the USA were caused by low tire pressure. It has been proven that an under inflated tire can reduce a car’s braking performance by 22{f8abb4491e2a97c6f3f61e27580e43f022bf9247b14e411a7365df735a23d0b8}. That averages out to 32 feet of braking distance that is lost. Think about how important that is. So as you can see, proper tire inflation and maintenance are the key factors in both performance and safety.

The best way to deter thieves and to maintain your tire’s performance is to get a set of the theft proof valve caps. You will no longer have to worry about your tire valve caps disappearing!

Drive Safe, Be Safe.