The best way to buy custom wheels and tires on line for your car, truck or SUV is to buy them as a package deal. Pick out a set of your favorite custom wheels and tires, then have your preferred on line merchants match them up perfectly. To encourage or persuade you to buy both custom wheels and tire from them, most on line suppliers will give a discount when buying both the tires and custom rims together.

If you live in “small town USA” chances are you won’t have any custom wheel street stores. Most larger cities may have one or two custom wheel stores but they may only carry a couple of wheel brands. However, major large cities such as Houston, Los Angeles and New York may have more choices. If you don’t live in one of these major large cities then shopping for custom wheels on the web is good judgment. On line merchants also make sure you don’t increase the weight of your wheel and tire combo by using plus sizing. This method improves handling capabilities by mounting tires that are wider and have a shorter sidewall on a larger diameter custom wheel.

Another advantage to wheel and tire packages is that on line merchants mount your tires and wheels scratch free plus hide the balancing weights. Some even offer free shipping with wheel and tire packages, so shop around and get that great on line deal.